About Michelle

I am a small business owner, wife of a Marine veteran, and mother of three. I have lived in the greater Austin area for most of the last twenty-seven years. After graduation from UT-Austin in 1999, I began a career in juvenile outreach and social services.

One of my children has unique healthcare needs and a rare genetic disorder. I am driven by my desire to protect her and her siblings and to ensure a better future for all children. Throughout my journey as a special needs advocate, I traveled across the country to find the best care for my daughter and speak to hundreds of other parents experiencing similar challenges.

In 2015, I began political advocacy at the state level as one of the founding members of Texans for Vaccine Choice. I found myself at the Capitol almost daily during that year's session, knocking on every door, testifying at hearings, and cultivating relationships with Senators and Representatives.

More recently, I have become active in school board issues in Round Rock ISD and Leander ISD (the two districts within the redrawn HD 136) - speaking at board meetings about matters crucial to the health and safety of our teachers, students, and staff. I also volunteer my time throughout Williamson County for various non-profits and political outreach groups.

I look forward to an exciting campaign season, and am eager to share my thoughts on the issues with you.