Public School

We have slowly but steadily moved far away from a public school curriculum which focuses on fundamental elements of education (such as reading, writing, math and science) and successful student outcomes.

We need to end standardized testing, allow teachers to focus on basic subject matter, improve services for students who qualify for special education, and prohibit inappropriate materials in classrooms and public school libraries, including books with pornographic content or assignments that promote subjective and controversial ideologies.

We must also restore and strengthen the relationship between parents and schools by ensuring that classroom materials are easily accessible, promoting community collaboration and participation in school governance, and creating open lines of communication.

I also believe we should leave no stone unturned with regard to the protection of staff and studentsí lives from violence, including - but not limited to - structural improvements to school campuses and the potential expansion of the School Marshal and Guardian programs if locally approved.

Law Enforcement/Public Safety

Police officers and other first responders are underappreciated heroes in our communities. They risk their lives in order to ensure our safety and must be supported at all levels of government. Efforts to "defund" or vilify police departments and their staff create unsafe communities, threaten businesses, and decrease property values.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, particularly child sex trafficking, is a pervasive and significant issue which threatens our community. It must be addressed immediately through a multi-layered approach including securing the border, providing protections and services for victims, and enhancing criminal penalties for smugglers, businesses that promote or benefit from trafficking, and street traffickers.

Property Taxes

I support efforts to not only reduce but eliminate property taxes through buy downs via state budget surpluses and reduced bureaucratic spending.

Medical Freedom

No Texan should be coerced into undergoing a medical procedure which carries inherent risk, whether to maintain employment, receive public services or patronize a business. No business in Texas should be forced to require their employees or customers to undergo vaccination. Medical mandates violate bodily autonomy, individual liberty, the right to informed consent and both the US and Texas Constitutions.

Border Security

It will take more than a wall to secure our borders, and the state must act when the Federal government fails to protect our border. Increased access to cutting-edge technology would help reduce human trafficking and cartel-related violence within our state. We must end the catch-and-release approach that is currently being practiced at the Southern border.

Child Gender Modification

The medical modification of a child's hormones or anatomy in order to promote "transition" carries great potential risk to that child's long-term health. Practitioners who promote and perform these medically unnecessary interventions on children under the legal age of consent should have their licenses revoked and be subject to child endangerment laws.

COVID Protocols

The government does not exist to protect individuals from disease or their own lifestyle choices. Unconstitutional and overreaching measures were implemented without rationale and ultimately businesses and families have paid the price. Immeasurable job and income loss created unsustainable levels of government dependency and the reaction to COVID at the public school level resulted in learning losses which will take years to reverse.